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» If not breastfed, newborns need the best nutritional alternative available.

A human is born. They are now in the most susceptible phase of their life. Everything that this organism experiences, or does not experience, will have a decisive impact on its future. A time in which the body begins to completely form various organs, including nerve cells and even the brain.

Nature is prepared for this task, and has supplied humans with the perfect baby food, breast milk, for as long as they can remember. In addition to numerous other essential nutrients, breast milk contains particularly indispensible substances for the brain and nerve cells, which science can now identify by name: phospholipids and long-chain, polyunsaturated fatty acids (LCP).

Using nature as our guide, we have succeeded in providing these prime substances in their most natural form to be used in infant and baby food products. If not breastfed, the newborn baby should receive the best nutritional alternative available. We believe, that it is our responsibility to provide the best ingredients for this.


» We made a groundbreaking discovery by paying close attention nature.

"We firmly believe that nature usually comes up with the best solutions." Fascination with nature led Gerhard Kohn and Karlheinz Tovar to study biology, to conduct research in the field of nutritional needs of newborns, and to become immersed in the subject of dietary fat, particularly phospholipids and LCP fatty acids and ultimately to implement their findings in infant and baby food products. "Today we are a company that researches, develops, and sells. But we view ourselves primarily as a center of expertise that provides advice and support. We are scientists, after all."

Vita of Dr. Gerhard Kohn.


» We focus on growth. And by that we mean your baby's growth.

In 2002 we made a completely logical step when we founded our company in Wendelsheim. Our years of experience in research and development and our special knowledge in the field of LCP phospholipids could only make an impact, if we created a full-service company perfectly adapted to modern-day needs. Today, Leci For Life GmbH serves clients and markets worldwide in the field of baby food.

With an extensive network of exceptionally qualified and dedicated employees and collaboration partners, our clients benefit from the entire range of possible areas of support: from state-of-the-art labs for research, development, and manufacturing, to administration and technology, logistics, and even marketing. Whenever and wherever our assistance is needed, we can be there immediately.


» We want more. Namely more newborns that are healthy and given a natural form of nourishment.

Nature shows us what it can do. It also shows us what it needs. And: what it doesn't need.

We have formulated our idea of a natural source of nourishment through years of research, and we want exactly this idea to be integrated into modern products. It is an undisputed fact that natural phospholipids and long-chain, polyunsaturated fatty acids (LCP) are one of nature's customized nutritional "building blocks". We should be aware that these compounds are exactly the prime substances that lifeneeds to live. When we look around our world, it becomes clear that we still have so much to take care of. But first and foremost on this list are the many newborns and children that need to be provided with these key nutrients for better growth and development.

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