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» We specialize in researching phospholipid-based products which contain LCP. And in their manufacturing processes.

Unlike other raw materials, many of which can be designated as so-called novel food products, our approach is modeled entirely on the example of nature. Using breast milk as our guide, we believe that a suitable source of fat for baby food must contain LCP fatty acids, both in triglyceride and phospholipid form.

That's why we manufacture our products on the basis of egg lecithins or phospholipids, which we then combine with other lipids to create a finished product made of triglycerides and phospholipids. Working closely with our partners, we ensure that every manufacturing procedure and every manufacturing step is carried out as part of a thoroughly defined and controlled manufacturing process. Our regular audits serve not only as a permanent form of quality control and to isolate the active ingredients in an ever more careful and natural way, but also to continuously improve the manufacturing process.


» Achieving top quality with maximum reliability requires top partners with maximum experience.

Our many years of research, development, and knowledge in the field of baby food are even surpassed by decades of experience in the field of egg products of our partner Källbergs Industrie AB. Källbergs is the leading Swedish manufacturer for functional and highly nutritive egg products.

The company uses state-of-the-art equipment to manufacture egg phospholipids in close collaboration with Fresenius Kabi. For many years, Fresenius Kabi has been the market leader in the field of phospholipid extraction for pharmaceutical applications. Intensive research and development work over the past 15 years also contributed to Källbergs being able to develop a range of phospholipid products for use in dietetic products.

Most important, our partner Källbergs shares an attitude of overriding importance with us: namely securing the highest nutritional value possible.


» Our focus is on system solutions for our clients. And a direct means of contact for all of our clients' questions.

Our many years of work in managerial positions at baby food manufacturers has increased our awareness of the individual needs of both our clients and the market. We secure the methods used to develop, manufacture, and sell our clients' products.

Our solutions are geared toward the best feasible outcome, toward individual concerns, and are customized to fit the needs of this industry. Natural and straightforward. We not only take care of every detail, but also offer comprehensive support and advice, so that you can concentrate on what's really important.