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» The signaling molecules which, for all intents and purposes, are the basis on which we can see and think.

Phospholipids are prime substances which are basically responsible for the beginning of "life" on earth. Phopsholipids formed the protective shield allowing cellular life to evolve.

Despite the fact that phospholipids are billions of years old, they were only "discovered" by nutritional scientists in the last few decades of the 20th century. All phospholipids, including those that contain long-chain polyunsaturated fatty acids (LCP), are named as fats or lipids. They differ from conventional dietary fats, namely triglycerides, due to a special headgroup which gives a phospholipid molecule a unique structure. This gives them both hydrophilic as well as lipophilic properties. And this unique characteristic is exactly why this amphiphilic molecule was predestined to be an elementary building block of all cells, especially of cell membranes or any kind of biological membranes.

It is the biomembrane itself, where signals and stimuli are exchanged between cells and information is transported. In principle, both vision and, when focusing on cognitive skills, thinking itself can only be conveyed through and to these biological membranes. And this is a realization that gives phospholipids which contain LCP fundamental importance as one of life's building blocks.


» Our product isn't simply a replicae of natural LCP, it is natural LCP.

When you get right down to it, our products are the result of a fascinating observation: long-chain, polyunsaturated fatty acids (LCP) are typical constituents of mothers milk, both in form of phospholipids and triglycerides; ultimately it turned out, that LCP are essential, functionally significant nutrients for newborns and indispensable for any kind of newborn life.

That's why the next goal of our research had to be finding an answer to the following question: where else are these nutrients (phospholipids and LCP) found in nature, and how can we make them available to infants? Our research ultimately led us to the oldest food in the world: the egg.

By isolating specific fats found in natural eggs, and using a special method of preparation, highly valuable lecithins (phospholipids with LCP fatty acids) can be extracted, and this nutrient together with other oils can then be added to infant and baby food in an optimal way. In comparison to other ingredients, especially novel food ingredients, our approach is modeled entirely on the guide of nature.


» Nature has proven that intelligence can be influenced. And numerous studies have as well.

A number of clinical studies have shown that, as is the case with breastfeeding, baby formula which contains LCP leads to a different level of qualitative growth than baby food which isn't supplemented, even leading to improved intelligence in newborns.

Numerous published studies from European pediatricians (Agostoni et al, 1995 and 1997; Bouwstra et al, 2003; Forsyth et al, 1998; and Willatts et al., 1998, among others) prove that LCP supplementation on the basis of egg phospholipids leads to improved biochemical parameter and to impoved cognitive and motoric skills in preterm and term babies.

Based on the overwhelming amount of clinical evidence, LCP supplementation of baby food is now recommended worldwide by numerous professional organizations and governmental bodies.

Quality Control

» Our operations are guided by two main beliefs: a belief in nature and in acting responsibly.

Using breast milk as our guide, we believe that a suitable source of fat for baby foods should contain LCP fatty acids, both in phospholipid as well as in triglyceride form.

That's why we manufacture our product on the basis of lecithins or phospholipids which we separate from egg yolk. Not only do we use ingredients of the highest quality, but we also draw upon the highest level of expertise when it comes to our partners.

This is how we provide for a thoroughly defined and controlled manufacturing process, in which we combine these phospholipids with other fats to form a natural raw material for baby food. One that is designed in a way best suited to the respective application.


» We set standards. And our certifications prove it.

Our products are available with Kosher- and Halal-certification. Our manufacturing facilities were designed in accordance with HACCP criteria. And: it goes without saying that they are independently certified in accordance with current DS/EN ISO 9001:2000 guidelines.

We comply with the highest standards in all areas of operation. Which means our extraction is even suitable for pharmaceutical applications. The highest documented level of safety for your important internal safety standards.

When it comes to infant and baby food, this should go without saying. That's why we are always geared toward the maximum which is achievable.