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Research & Development

» The important thing isn't simply that our product exists, but that it also benefits you.

Research and development is the driving force behind our ambitions as biologists. But our quest right from the start was not only to strive for the best products possible, but also to offer the best possible service for the product as well.

That's why our entire range of services is also oriented towards the individual goals of our clients. Because we not only put our heart into our products, but also into their marketing and the marketsas well. All over the world. Our goal is to pass on our expertise. Whether speaking together about the most suitable raw material, how production will be organized, how to secure the logistics workflow, discussing legal questions, or regarding marketing strategies and concepts: we will take care of you!


» Patents protect knowledge and ideas. Our experience with patents will particularly benefit your products.

A significant amount of research has been conducted in the field of infant and baby food, and new products continue to appear that are manufactured from a variety of raw materials.

A sensible method of LCP-supplementation modeled on the example of nature must also address patent-related legal questions. The manufacture of our products has evolved through many years of research, which also includes existing patents in the field. And together with our clients, we want to preserve this for the optimal development of our children.


» It isn't just the big names that give us meaning, but also the continuous collaboration.

We don't view ourselves simply as conscientious advisors to infant and baby food manufacturers, but also as a flexible supplier that is geared toward the individual concerns of our clients.

Our network guarantees both: the unlimited supply of ingredients of the highest and purest quality as well as the potential to grow along with growing markets and growing demand.

And: we can also adapt to new, smaller markets without any restrictions. Regardless of what we're discussing, when it comes to collaboration with partners, we always put one criterion at the top of the list - reliability.