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Vita of Dr. Gerhard Kohn

» "As a biologist, I think the formation of new life is the most fascinating process there is! Its complexity and intricacy make each and every newborn a miracle, and the supply of nutrients to the mother and child play a significant role in this process. After observing and experiencing this fact 'up close and personal' in my own children as a researcher in the industry, I began trying to do my part to improve dietary fats."

My general interest in nature led me to study biology, geography, and paleontology, and I completed my studies with a dissertation on special fats in lower plants.

At Milupa, an international manufacturer of baby food, I worked as a researcher and was responsible for the development and introduction of the first baby food in the world made with long-chain polyunsaturated fatty acids. This represented an important step toward creating a product more similar to breast milk, the ideal.

I established a biotechnology company in Europe for an American investor which was focused on the development and sale of new omega-3 products.

As a scientific consultant, I provided assistance and support to international companies for many years concerning questions about omega-3 fatty acids in dietetic and pharmaceutical products.

And now, for the past seven years, I have worked at my own company developing and selling concepts for healthy fats which contribute to the improvement of food products, particularly baby food.